Custom Wardrobes

Optimise space and style with wardrobes tailored to you.

Antry Wardrobes

There are Wardrobes, then there are Antry Wardrobes.

Your definition of Home – Designed by Antry. Whether you’re a scruncher, folder or hanger, Antry knows how to design your wardrobe around your style of living.

Live a little

Design, Craftsmanship and Functionality.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and stylish designs that suit any wardrobe shape and size. 


Our team has the highest level of skill available in the industry.


We source globally to ensure quality and durability.


We make it and we install it to ensure the perfect finish.


Your space will not only look great, it will be highly functional.


There are Wardrobes, then there are Antry Wardrobes.

With so much to consider, see it all come together in the Antry Design Lounge

Built-in wardrobes

Custom-made to fit seamlessly into a specific space, providing a cohesive look and maximum storage.

Walk-in wardrobes

Optimised, functional and luxurious. Enjoy filling your wardrobe, rather than maintaining it.

Slidingdoor wardrobe

These can be used to provide easy access to your belongings, optimise space or as a feature.


Tile, stone and glass in a variety of colours and textures to bring out the personality of the kitchen.

Corner wardrobes

No space goes wasted, providing additional storage without taking up valuable floor space.

The Design Lounge

We love it when you talk Wardrobes to us

Antry designs and manufactures custom-made Wardrobes, no matter where you are on the design spectrum.

Let your imagination lead your design in the Antry Design Lounge.

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